Friday, April 30, 2010

How do I get my acrylic nails off?

I got acrylic nails and i want them off now because they look really gross. I don't have time to get them professionally taken off. I ripped some of them off and it just ruins my nails. HELP! How do I get my acrylic nails off?
Soak your fingertips in a bowl of acetone nail polish remover. It might feel extra cold, so first take TWO bowls, (one smaller and one larger) and put a small amount of warm water in it. Fill the smaller bowl half way with the acetone nail polish remover and place the entire bowl in the larger bowl. (This heats up the acetone without diluting it.)

Soak your fingers until you feel the acrylic starting to just dissolve. Afterwards your fingers will feel SUPER dry, so moisturize like crazy.

Your nails will be a little weak and fragile after this, but soon they'll get nice and healthy again.

Good luck! How do I get my acrylic nails off?
I just got mine taken off professionally, and though you say you don't have the time to do that, it took really quick. To do it yourself, you have to go out and get acetone remover and then soak for at least an hour. Then you first have to get the gooey remains off your nails and buff and polish them yourself. That takes time! I just walked into a nail salon, they sat me right down, and for $8 (in a fancy neighborhood) they removed them in 15 minutes. For a few dollars more (plus tip, of course) I got a regular manicure in which they buffed them, took care of the cuticles and applied clear polish. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes.
Polish remover doesn't work. You will need to use pure acetone. Pour some in a glass bowl and soak your nails. You will only be able to do one hand at a time. Soak them for about 20 minutes, then using an orangewood stick scrape off the loosened product. Soak and scrape until it's all off. If you remove your hand from the acetone while soaking it will start to set up again so keep it in the acetone.

If your acrylic nails had a gel overlay then you will need to file the top of the nail to break the seal of the gel otherwise the acetone won't budge the product.
Ripping them off is the worse thing you can do. You need to soak them in an acetone nail polish remover. Depending on the length it could take a few hours, however it is the healthiest way to do it. Once you remove them you should buff them to get rid of any ';flakes'; of your nail and then protect them with a clear polish. Sally Hansen has some strengthening ones that work really well.
Soak them in acetone nail polish remover. It takes a while, but it doesn't tear them like it does when you pull them off.

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