Friday, April 30, 2010

How do i keep my acrylic nails shiny?

i live on a farm so with the work they get all scratched up. i tried the 4-sided file buffer thing but that didnt seem to do any good. what can i do to keep them looking new?How do i keep my acrylic nails shiny?
You need a good shiner, alonlg with a buffer. But, if you got your nails done at a cheapo salon, there is not much you cn do about it because they typically use the cheapest possible acrylic products, and they look horrible without polish. That is why thay are so big on polish at those places - to hide their inferior workmnship.

If you get top quality acrylics applied, then a buffer will work juist fine - as long a you are doing it the right way. There is really no need for nail polish when they are buffed and shined correctly.After you finish shining them, apply a few drops of cuticle oil on each nail and massage into your nails and cuticle area. This will really bring out the shine!How do i keep my acrylic nails shiny?
I would imagine you want a simple solution so my suggestion to you is to get a good quality topcoat to apply every few days. One I like is Super Shiney by Creative Nail Design.
I always get a gel overlay on my acrylic nails. That keeps them super shiny and prevents them from getting scratched up. Its only like $5 extra, and worth it. Try it
find a really good buffer.

coat nail with clear polish....

the polish always works the best for me.

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