Friday, April 30, 2010

How hard is it to do your own acrylic nails?

I always see the stuff do it at the store, but it looks hard to do yourself. Has anyone else tried it?How hard is it to do your own acrylic nails?
As a nail tech, I don't suggest that anyone without formal nail training do their own nails. There are simply too many things that can go wrong. And, those kits have really cheap stuff in them. I don't suggest wasting your money on them. No. And yes, it is hard to do your own nails, and make them look good. Especially with no training and a $7 kit from a drugstore.How hard is it to do your own acrylic nails?
It really isn't the application that's hard, it's applying it in the right amounts and in the right places, and then filing to the right shape that takes some practice. It took me about 6 tries before I could sculpt a decent set of nails and file them properly. Even then, it took many more sets to be able to do them without taking two hours.
if your talking about like a box of nails from the store. like glue on then its really easy. they just dont look as good. and dont stay on as long, and they are way chaeper.but that is what i had first just to see if i like them. but there are like 50 different kinds, so you can pick if you want design and how long you want them. if you arent talking aobut those then i dont really get your question

It is difficult I would advise against it, when I tried I made a huge mess of the product and my nails

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