Friday, April 30, 2010

How to get acrylic nails off?

i went and got acrylics at a salon, and now i need to know the trick to getting them off without just ripping them off. I have no money to get them removed at the salon so home remedies and such is what i am looking for!How to get acrylic nails off?
It should never, ever be painful to remove acrylic nails. Soak them in acetone for at least a half hour. It will take some time, but they will come off without any pain.How to get acrylic nails off?
pour some nail polish remover into a bowel and soak them for 20 minutes or so. then, wiggle a nail or two and see if it's gotten any looser. If not, continue to soak for 10-20 minute increments. Unfortunately you will wind up having to do some prying to get them off..I suggest trying to fit the tip of a metal nail file under a bottom corner and slowly wiggling it underneath the rest of the nail, pulling it off. It's gonna hurt, but there's not really any easy way to get them off without going to the salon. You could also cut the tip off of the nails with nail clippers. good luck!
Ok not just any nail polish remover will do. You have to have acetone to dissolve acrylics. Soak them in it and once in a while sort of scrape off the ';melted'; acrylic with an orangewood stick. When it weakens, some will come off in chunks. It takes a while to do this, so i'd watch a movie or something while you do it.
You can soak them but no matter what your still going to have to rip them off. Your nails will be really thin after too. Don't pay to have it done, it is much more painful.
Get some liquid nail polish remover and put it in a bowl. Then put your nails in there and leave them for about 10 mins. If they dont come off then, then leave them in lobger and soon they shoukld come off. =D
soak them in hot water soap and nailpolish remover
hot water.. soak em

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